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What is
It is free service which offer you to store all your toys from kinder eggs. Also your gallery and collections is shown to users from all over the world, so you can swap or sell them.

Which toys are allowed?
You can upload all toys from small and big chocolate egg wrapped into foil or plastic eggs.

Is there limit in my gallery?
No. You can upload as much as you have. But maximum four images of one toy and 1 MB per image.

How to add new toy?
If you are registered login to your account and at "Select image to upload" select image from your device. Then enter name and description of new toy and click "Upload Toy".

How to creat collection?
In your account you can see "Collection:" which you fill it out and click "Create". New collection is shown right away.

How to add toy to collection?
If you have already created collection click on toy which you want in it. On bottom menu of chosen toy you can choose between collections you created and click "Change".

What if I forget my password?
Please contact us on

Frequently asked questions